About Us

Crusty Demon Racing
racing as DonateLife Sim Racing

Established late 2003, to run in a Nascar Racing 2003 series as a start up privateer team to run in the ISSRL league. We celebbrate 20 years this year.

You will see DonateLife displayed prominently on our cars in support of organ donation. Primarily because our youngest driver, and my Son, having a kidney transplant before he turned 2, late 2009. Donatelife logos started to appear on the cars from 2010. By late 2015 early 2016, the cars were almost completely covered in the Donatelife logos and colours.


Team History

In 2005 CDR joined ASRG. We raced the WildFireTA mod, in the last couple of races of their season, before ASRG ran a v8supercars series and a few other bits and bobs. We ran mods like GP79s, McLaren F1, PCC & v8factor. It's around this time that we started the switch from NR2K3 to rfactor. Crusty Demon Racing began to grow at ASRG and became very successful. We had PCC & GP79 championships that I can remember and very good success in all that we competed in. CDR had grown to 5 drivers before 2007.
 In 2007 CDR joined Austeam Racing a few rounds into their v8supercar championship. I think at this point I got more serious and stepped up a notch. I was struggling with frames with my poor now 5yr+ old PC not up to scratch. And a new gaming rig was purchased (still running it) towards the end of the year with instant results.

We won the 2007 Sandown 500 & Bathurst 1000, 4 race wins and 10 podiums. In 2008 We took the 2008 v8factor Championships with 5 poles and 11 race wins, including the Phillip Island 500 & Bathurst 1000 victories.


2009 and CDR took another championship with JayB Including a Bathurst 3 peat and Phillip Island 500 victories.

Crusty Demon Racing entered into the Bullrun 1000. We had a great preparation and good consistent speed. JayB Qual'd the Crusty Demon Racing Vette in 3rd. He was leading the race until a disco dropped him on Lap 5. Heart breaking.

2010 we have the teeams 3rd straight ATR v8supercar championship. The team was also able to compete a full historix season taking the top 2 positions in the championship. The 500 & 1000 events were not run this year. the 500 was canceled, and the 1000 was turned into a single driver 2 hour race. We took the race win in the Bathurst 2hour race. Austeam ran four 90 - 120 minute races for the v8factor Enduro sub-champsionship . We won 3 out of 4 of those and was awarded the enduro championship.

We competed in the Australia Vs New Zealand Challenge. Between the 2 drivers we grabbed both Pole position and the race win.

After 2011 the team transitioned from rfactor to iracing.