Racing this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Donatelife sim racing takes on iRacing's Formula 4 series, we're not just chasing podiums – we're racing to make a difference.

2021 Season 4 - Porsche CUP

Look out for the DonateLife cars in the 2021 Season 4 Porsche CUP series as we try and completed the season, In the new Porsche CUP car

2020 iracing Bathurst 12

2020 iracing Bathurst 12

For the second year running, we decided to have a go at iracing's special event, the Bathurst 12 hour enduro.

2023 24 hours of Le Mans

This years good results may have raised the expectations a little when we took on the 2023 Le Mans 24 hours on iracing. Our pace might not have been on par with the top runners, but after not getting a lap in in qualifying we still managed to find ourselves in 2nd place at one stage. And then it all began to unravel. Tired minds, Small mistakes, big consequences. Not our best race with multiple trips to pitlane for repairs and a couple of drive through penalties. 

Team Livery updates for a variety of cars

Several cars have had their liveries updated and or refreshed. A range of cars updated to the 2021 spec livery and a small sub set updated with temporary Donate Life week and Jersey Day liveries. All our team paints are on Trading Paints. However, they are unlisted. To find a list of all our team liveries please visit our Liveries page here.

2018 Chaz Mostert livery

2018 Chaz Mostert livery

I have uploaded the 2018 Chaz Moster Supercheap Auto livery to trading paints

2023 iracing Spa 24 hours

This weekend saw the start of #donatelifeweek and the #iracing 24 hours of Spa special event. In another stellar team effort, we took the Donatelife Week BMW from as low as 19th through to a podium 3rd place position in the top split.

Full race replay available on youtube -





2020 Season 3 VRS Sprint

The team are competing in the 2020 Season 3 VRS sprint season